Accommodation Terms & Conditions

This agreement is for short term accommodation for holiday purposes and The laws of Tasmania, Australia apply to this agreement. The Owners of Harveys Farm Bicheno reserve the right to revoke or refuse to honour any holiday accommodation booking, at any time before or during the holiday rental period, which may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property.


Property Use & Occupancy Limits

Payment Policy

General Cancellation Policy

Check-In & Check-Out

Guest Numbers





Excess Cleaning


Art & Objects



Balcony Safety

Security Deposit

1. Property Use & Occupancy Limits

1.1 The property is let to you for holiday letting purposes only for the period stated in the letter of confirmation. No functions, parties, weddings, group gatherings, photoshoots, commercial activities of any kind unless prior arrangements have been made with management. Permission is at the sole discretion of the agent, and the owner and a surcharge may apply.

1.2 The name that the booking is made under (THE BOOKER) must stay at the property and they are held responsible for actions for the group and are accountable for each and every individual staying at the property. It is their responsibility to ensure that all occupants understand and agree to these terms and conditions. Neither the whole nor any part of the property shall be sublet.

1.3 You agree to supply us with the number of all adults and children staying / visiting at time of booking plus ages of all children. Please note: Guests aged between 12 months and 17 years are classified as children. Under 12 months are classified as infants.

1.4 At no time during your occupancy, the number of guests staying / visiting shall exceed that number given by you at the time of booking. There are no exceptions. This is an occupational, health and safety issue relating to fire safety, sanitation and hygiene issues. Exceeding this number may invalidate any insurance policy on the Property. If consent for extra people is not given by the agent – immediate eviction will follow with no refund given or at our discretion, you may be charged for any additional guest found to have been at the property during your stay at $500 per person per day for the time of the booking. This amount will be deducted from your security bond and you the guest hereby authorise Harveys Farm Bicheno to do so. The BOOKER is responsible for any payments not covered by the security deposit.

1.5 There are to be NO Caravans, Trailers, Camper Trailers, Tents, Trailers parked on or near the property under any circumstance. If this is not abided by immediate eviction will occur with no refund given.

2. Payment Policy

2.1 To proceed with a booking via the Harveys Farm Bicheno website the following payment conditions apply; for other booking sites, please see their payment terms. Full payment is due at the time of booking, along with a $1,000 damage deposit (See details below 16. Damage Deposit).

3. General Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges will apply as follows:

3.1 100% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 60 days before arrival or earlier.
3.2 50% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 30 days before arrival or earlier.
3.3 25% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 14 days before arrival or earlier.
3.4 0% refundable if cancelled after.

4. Check-In & Check Out

NOTE: These times may be adjusted if agreed by Harveys Farm Bicheno

4.1 Check-in is no earlier than 3:00pm on the date of arrival (unless otherwise arranged with management). Please telephone/message the manager an hour before you arrive and an hour before you depart so that they can lock and unlock the house.

4.2 Check-out is no later than 10:00am on the day of departure (unless otherwise arranged with management).

4.3 It takes two people 6 hours to clean the house so a strict departure time of 10:00am applies as the new Guests will be arriving at 3:00 pm.

4.4 Late checkout will result in a fee of $200.00 per 1-hour block.

5. Guest Numbers

5.1 No more than 12 people are permitted in the house at any one time unless otherwise agreed in writing; this is strictly enforced. A penalty of $500.00 per Guest per day applies. Guests are not permitted to host visitors (people other than guests staying) at the property without prior written consent from management.

Guest Information & Obligations

6. Smoking

6.1 The premise is a smoke-free dwelling. There is strictly No Smoking inside the house at Harveys Farm Bicheno. Any cigarette butts collected will be subject to the excess cleaning policy below (refer to Point 10 below). If there is any smoking evidence inside the rooms, we have a strictly enforced fine of $800.00 to clean carpets, curtains and air conditioners. No exceptions. It is the guest’s responsibility to understand this prior to making a booking.

7. Furniture

7.1 On departure, furniture must be left in the same location in which it was found. All large furniture pieces such as couches, beds and dining tables must not be moved. Failure to leave the furniture in the correct place will result in a furniture replacement charge at a rate of $100.00 per hour. Furniture that is damaged or broken through will be repaired or replaced at the renter’s cost plus a 15% administration charge.

8. Driving

8.1 It is advised that you stick to the road provided. Driving off the road or driveway will result in a penalty of $500.00 per offence. Any areas designated as private by the owners are strictly out of bounds. This is to save our lawns and to protect your cars.

8.2 Under no circumstances are the following activities permitted: motorbikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes, or related activities other than those that are fixtures at the property. A $1000 fine plus costs to remediate will be payable if a guest or visitor to the property is in breach of this term.

8.3 Vehicles are only permitted on the driveway and courtyard areas. At no time are vehicles permitted to be driven on any of the lawned areas.

9. Towels

9.1 White towels are to be used inside only. Beach towels are provided for outdoor use. White towels are easily stained; we realise some dirt will occur with use. However please note that excessive and obvious use outdoors will result in a replacement fee of $75.00 per towel.

10. Excess Cleaning

10.1 We expect and encourage an appropriate level of use during your stay. Please do not leave Harveys Farm Bicheno in a disrespectful mess, e.g. children’s fingerprints on every window, uncleaned spills or unwashed dishes. Dishes must be done, and the house must be reasonably tidy. Excessive cleaning will result in a $75.00 per person-hour additional charge – minimum charge is $150.

10.2 On departure, the property must be left in a similar state to its condition on arrival. Please remove any residual food from the fridge and pantry that you supplied during your stay.

10.3 The BBQ is to be left in a clean state prior to departure. A $100 cleaning fee will be charged for unreasonably unclean BBQs. If the BBQ is not cleaned to standard, Harveys Farm Bicheno will contact the guest and will deduct a $100 cleaning charge off the security deposit.

10.4 In the event that damage or excess cleaning/rubbish removal is required to repair damage to or reinstate the property, the agent without reference to the guest deducts from the guest’s security deposit.

10.5 At Harveys Farm Bicheno we have only done this a few times in the many hundreds of guests who have visited. Please respect the property, and we won’t have a problem.

11. Damages

11.1 Harveys Farm Bicheno has items that have been in the family for 35 years or more; these items give a beautiful aesthetic to the property. There is an understanding that on occasion, dishes get dropped, glasses broken, and spills happen. However, please take care to avoid irreplaceable items from getting smashed from blatant misuse or by unsupervised children.

11.2 Please shut and secure all doors and windows whenever you leave the Property. Weather conditions on the east coast of Tasmania can be prone to change, with storms quickly developing, which can cause considerable damage to a Property. Damage, breakages, theft/loss and security, is your responsibility during your stay. You must lock all doors and windows when you leave the Property, and it must be secured at night. You must notify the Agent immediately of any damages, breakages or theft. Management may deduct from your security deposit the amount required to repair or replace any items. You will be responsible for any expense or damage caused at the property as a result of your failure to shut and secure all doors and windows when leaving and vacating the property throughout your stay.

11.3 If required, the Guest gives Harveys Farm Bicheno authority to recover the additional costs from the bond held. If insufficient funds are available in the bond amount, the Guest agrees to accept responsibility for outstanding payments and hereby agrees to deposit required funds into Harveys Farm Bicheno accounts on request.

12. Art & Objects

12.1 Smashed or broken artwork and objects will result in a replacement or repair charge plus 15% administration charge. Breakages and losses to the property are to be reported to the owner and paid for immediately.

13. Children

13.1 Children are your responsibility. Any damage caused by children will be treated as if it were by an adult.

14. Pets

14.1 Pets are not allowed at Harveys Farm Bicheno. Management reserves the right to evict guests if animals are brought onto the property during your stay.

15. Balcony Safety

15.1 Harveys Farm Bicheno does not have balustrades on the terraces. It can pose a fall risk and a danger for all children and intoxicated individuals. By agreeing to this document, you and your party accept all liability for anyone who falls off the terrace through their actions.

16. Security Deposit

16.1 A $1,000 refundable damage deposit will be invoiced to THE BOOKER at time of booking and released seven days after check-out. This is not a charge, but a hold of funds, similar to a car rental or hotel check-in.

17. Pre Wedding Celebrations i.e. Bucks/Hens

17.1 There are to be no pre wedding celebrations held at Harveys Farm Bicheno such as Bucks or Hens parties. Management reserves the right to cease any celebrations that resemble a bucks or hens party. If this is not abided by immediate eviction will occur with no refund given.


205 Harveys Farm Road
Bicheno TAS 7215